BlenderRenders acquired by RenderStreet

We are proud to announce that, starting with April 26th, 2013, BlenderRenders has been acquired by RenderStreet – the most user-recommended cloud render farm for Blender and Modo. Being part of the RenderStreet family means that you are going to have more benefits. Among these, worth mentioning are:

  • Fast blender releases: usually within a day of the official release
  • Support for all Blender versions, starting with 2.72 up to 2.92. 
  • RenderStreet has full support for all Blender features, including Eevee rendering, support for all three denoisers (Blender default, Intel and Optix), the new MantaFlow simulations engine added in Blender 2.91 and much more.
  • Support for Modo versions 12.2 up to 15, including the new NVIDIA® OptiX™ denoiser and the mPath engine
  • Bake support for all physics
  • Texture bake support
  • Support for 3rd party color profiles for Blender – Filmic (both the built-in version and the 3rd party plugin), ARRI Reference, ACES 1.2
  • Screaming fast servers with dual E5-series Xeon CPUs (up to 192 GB of RAM) and Nvidia V100 GPUs with 16 GB of VRAM
  • Various ways of uploading and downloading the assets/renders, including from cloud accounts
  • Cost-effective plans, including an unlimited rendering option with a monthly payment, starting at $50/month
  • Support for 3rd party plugins

If you had a BlenderRenders account, please register with RenderStreet and ask their support for a $25 signup bonus.